Did some personal story quests on my level 19 Guardian. I have done these areas many times over on previous characters and so the all too familiar scenery doesn’t do anything for the tedium of questing in this game. Game play is still challenging and figuring out what your “meta game” is (a term I cringingly use) becomes a lot of what the leveling grind is for. Essentially means figuring out the game of key tapping or a sequence of abilities that gives you a statistically better results in the damage numbers. I feel it takes the spontaneity of the combat just a little – sort of how programmers view script kitty skills as a blind application of knowledge without understanding. Indeed at the start, like learning martial arts, everything is first broken up into exercises of muscle memory to learn the basics. I like to think the mastery of a skill comes in the nuances and being able to apply the skills tactically from instinct and adapt them when the situation changes the effectiveness of the skill and as well adapt them to suit your style of play.