I have been itching to “re-do” some of the progress with a better understanding of how the game works especially in choosing the ability trees and how it affects access to certain abilities. I also now have an Enderal mod installed which literally puts a free home in the configurator display. In Skyrim, when you set your talents they give you a display of the constellations in the sky where you would select the stars that would correspond to a talent but would as well be part of a constellation whose image represented the spirit of the talent tree. In Enderal they change this to an actual meditation space that takes the form of a secluded island in a vast landless ocean. The mod takes this space a step further and adds 3 islands to rest, to craft, and to display various pieces of equipment you want to mount in memory of their previous glory. Yes, a trophy room. On top of that I found a bug in Enderal. I currently have a stack of 570 old iron arrows which I can add more arrows to but can never take from. Seems to be bugged. In any case found a game save just after the boring blithering I did to figure out how not to get killed with an once more knowledge to relive it all again.