I have been on Steam since it started. A friend of mine in early 2000 convinced me that buying games online was a thing and it is safe here. Fast forward to today, other platforms are now coming out of the wood work and trying to replicate the success of the Steam platform in their various ways. I have been seeing the posts of the Epic games platform now out right buying exclusivity deals on new and soon to be released games which ultimately is dirty play to me since instead of focusing on developing a better service for customers Epic is choosing to force gamers to come into their playground if they want to play what “the cool kids are playing”. It’s putting the once relatively consumer oriented platform into the era of the console wars. On the whole I am glad PC gamers are showing their disdain for such practices but some still question why doesn’t Steam re-evaluate their profit policies to stick it back to Epic for their dirty practices and encourage other developers to re-consider signing on to these practices which ultimately hurt the paying gamer. I don’t really know the actual numbers involved here other than Steam apparently charges game developers 30% of its sales on their platform and Epic on top of throwing money on a game devs like Duke Nukem on cheap alien infested whores offers a 20% cut in competitive comparison. Some gamers have this impression that Steam should stop sitting on their pile of cash they’ve been exclusively making on the online distribution and sales on their platform and do something to give devs a little more incentive. To that I just want to remind gamers that online services isn’t a room full of servers that print money. Steam hosts all the installers from their huge library of software that despite it’s size and complexity I have never ever had any issue having a newly released game download and install on any of my computers. I am able to pay safely with my credit cards. I am able to see a live discussion on the state of any game on Steam and come to a very well informed decision on whether I should pay hard earned cash on a game. I am able to access the store on most platforms and devices including my iPhone. I am a software developer my self and have seen the price tags any such services would cost per user to maintain. It ain’t cheap. Steam’s business has always been about the customer and giving the customer the best gaming experience they can get online. Gamers and devs should probably think about that and maybe cut Steam some slack for their 30% cut.