The end is the beginning is the end.

I have heard many interpretations of the meaning behind the oroboros.  Some people explain it symbolizes new ideas clashing with the established old ones.  They further explain that this relationship is essential for our survival because in this conflict we are self editing – keeping all the good ideas and consuming those bad old ideas and hoping our continuity (symbolized as well by the snake itself) will come from the reconstruction of beneficial values along side the changes that the society deems will make it better in the current environment.  

The conflict of ideas is important.  When society holds tightly to old values we get static or stagnant societies that fall apart when the world around them changes in even the slightest.  The extreme opposite makes for chaotic societies where people suffer from lack of focus and the lack of stability needed to prosper and grow.

2020 seems like that moment in time where our ideas, past and present, are going through a reckoning and rightfully so.  But instead of having a healthy public civil debate that we need to progress through our issues certain groups of people in key points of our society are canceling ideas before the debate is even had through uncivilized acts of emotion and outrage.  People are literally silencing people differing points of view through bullying and coercion under the banners of misogyny and racism.  Not that there ever is anything not noble in fighting these blights to our society, but when it comes at the price tag other people’s rights and freedoms I have to disagree.  



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