I’ve been reading Berserk the manga by Kentaro Miura.  I’ve tried watching the anime a few years ago but couldn’t at first get past the overt adult-ness of the anime.  After hearing a few YouTuber takes on the story of Berserk I’ve started on the journey of reading the manga.  Possibly a decision under the influence of my latest favorite game, Elden Ring.  Both IPs (Berserk and Elden Ring) have similar themes.  Or more so having built worlds needing Stoics.  I’ve talked about this thing I called gamer’s ambition before.  And in many ways I see similarities between the 2.  In any case I have started pouring into the latest release of the Berserk manga – the bounded collections – a stack of compilations of the serial manga bounded in hard cover black faux leather.  They are beautiful.  But the story has been inspiring.  I relate to Guts.  Though I’m not chased by the nine Hells looking to save my self from eternal damnation and perhaps hook up with an ex-lover and get revenge on a friend who has betrayed him – I can relate.  The pain.  The despair and the submission to rage.  The “Don’t touch me!” raged barks when people get too close.  I get it. all.

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