I’m not right

I’m not right.  I just don’t like the left.  I don’t like how they argue.  They bend rules.  When they lose they want to change perspective to even lose less.  They are the villains in shock as their last action has ended their journey – in disbelief.  Like the reality they’ve constructed shatters before them in some divine calamity set against them out of envy.  Much like Wanda Maximoff’s reality with a false Vison and 2 false kids shattered at the end of her Disney special.  No compromise.  But that’s what civilization is – a compromise.  Nothing is their fault.  They are the victims.  I was once cancelled in a game called Elder Scrolls Online.  Some rich dude who so happened to remind me of a very rich man I once worked for had a disagreement with me.  He was trying to convince our small group to start a cooperative repository of loot in which we could essentially pick and choose the hand me downs from more advanced players.  I pointed out that though seemingly communal in nature that most of us sell these hand me downs for much needed gold.  At this indiscretion I was blocked from his audio which made arguing with him difficult and once I realized everyone around me didn’t care I rage quit the game.  He won.  They win because they refuse to lose.   You would think this admirable but it’s annoying.  Waste of time.  It goes against everything stoic – my new religion.

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