Jordan Peterson

I watched Jordan Peterson’s show last night.  It was unreal to see this man that I’ve been fascinated with live.  It was an hour and a bit of 2 men exploring thoughts on the human condition.  I might not agree with some of what he says and yes he does offend people with what he says.  What people don’t understand about him I think at his shows and videos is that he is unabashedly exploring thinking and only concerned with getting to the truth of it all.  And yes when you explore different routes of though you’ll offend people.  But that’s the point.  To think out of the box you have to offend the people that maintain the current status quo.  That is why we cannot illegalize offending people.  I was fascinated as well with watching my friend see Jordan’s mind work at these shows where she’s never experienced him in any other format.  It was a memorable night Jordan. Thank you.

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