Gender Confusion

Ultimately, I admit, I believe humans are still biologically 2 sexes that have marginal groups of variations in between because making humans is still a very error prone process.  We do have people born not conforming to the the physiologies of male or female – which means they can grow to adulthood having perhaps a mixture of either male of female bodies or minds but rarely if at all possible and viable do they successfully mature and have viable children.  I am not saying that they are lesser as humans for being different but their lives and experiences are essentially different from the majority of humanity experiences.  My problem with the way we are trying to be inclusive to the outliers is that I find we are doing this by demonizing how the majority lives life.  I feel like to make their flavor more acceptable they want to compel everyone to accept their way of living as the norm and living as either male or female as not progressive.  They want to eliminate the idea of women and femininity or motherhood.  The want the human experience to be as mutable as choosing your race, gender, and race as easy as creating a new character in World of Warcraft.  They want to compel me to use made up pronouns that they can change like their underwear so they can glee at you not using the right pronoun for the personality that said person has dialed to “unconsciously” at that moment in time and have Justin Trudeau slap you with a Bill C-60 infraction.  They want to flip pyramids and stand on the crumbling establishment as gods over muggles.  To quote Johnny Depp, “this is insanity”.

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