What endears me to heroes is not the feats or the people he saves – it’s the journey they took from being the flawed person they started as to being the one person who made that difference when it counted.  We create these images of heroes as guardians or invincible hands of god but the ones that truly inspire me are definitely far from that.  A Doctor Who quote says “virtue is only virtue in extremis”.  Heroes to me are similar.  I find the problem I have with much of popular culture’s interpretation of a female hero is that they are not portrayed with journeys that inspire me to be better or to push through crisis.  Why would I look to someone as callus as Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel who felt she had to steel, humiliate, and injure a man who granted was a misogynist dick but had no intention or even remotely any capability of harming her.  Imagine if Superman bitch slapped a woman for making unceasing attempts to kiss him – unheard of, right? But getting back to why Captain Marvel fails as a hero for me, for one, her origin story is not that she was a female test pilot persisting in a misogynistic 1950’s American Airforce and then ascended to greatness – it’s that she was in the way of an explosion and she was captured and brainwashed.  OK I guess you can yell bloody Spiderman and of course the ultimate story super hero of “born with white privilege” – Superman.  But hang on.  They still had to deal overcoming real flaws.  Spiderman was a young orphan wanting to belong to a normal family and eventually a normal girlfriend and finding purpose in a life with no real significant past and then given powers he at first had no mastery over.  Peter Parker had to learn self control of his powers.  The had to learn that he had limits.  He had to learn that to protect the people he loved he had to hide his Hero persona and constantly decide between living a life in obscurity to keep the people he loved safe or live in glory but never being able to have a family or home.  Then there were the super villains to deal with.  Captain Marvel was a woman being held back by a space nicotine patch implanted by an over the top specimen of misogyny her commander and warden the Krill Commander played by Clive Owen.  Her baggage is a playlist of various guys telling she’s not good enough to do generic feat because you’re a female.  Her unfortunate struggle is growing up with endless cast of bad male role models.  Any one who’s not a bitch slapping misogynist in this movie is a beta male or Samuel Jackson (the only some what redeeming male).    I’m not saying these men don’t exist but there are good men in this world and when you get movies that constantly tell you the only good man is Samuel Jackson I’m not inspired.

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