Kill Bill

I complain the current female heroes don’t exist today or are badly represented so what do I consider good.  I thought about what would be a good female hero.  First one that I can recall at the moment is “The Bride” from Kill Bill.  Yes, she was an over the top swords-woman in a yellow leather tight suit but it took 2 movies to show her journey from low level criminal to sheer lady vengeance with a katana.  What made her an honestly female hero to me was that she was not just a angry bad-ass assassin wanting to get even.  That could have been any male hero.  The Bride was a mother wanting better for her unborn child so she leaves this exciting life of being a top assassin for a peaceful life of obscurity.  Ultimately in the end it wasn’t blind senseless vengeance that pushed her to finally kill Bill – it was that she was a mother desperately wanting to save her child.

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