I honestly don’t think taking guns away will fix the gun problem.  It didn’t stop a man from running over people at a Christmas day parade.  Nor did it stop terrorists from flying airplanes into populated cities.  Nor did it stop a bomber who blew up a government building.  Jordan Peterson once said that successful people should want to be a monster under control.  We all have monsters within us.  Some bigger than others.  I think people really need to take up something that channels this aspect of ourselves instead of burying it.  We need to constantly look over the edge of our insanity and keep learning how to keep it in check.  We can not keep denying or burying our monsters existence.  I think by legislating bans on weapons we only delay the conflict.  But personally I would rather people deal with their monsters in controlled settings and not deal with it at the lowest point of their lives where they could be too weak to control the monster that wants to take it frustrations out on innocent people.  

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