REWATCHED – StarWars IV: A New Hope

Started a re-watch of my life’s all time favorites with my dirty secret all time favorite being Star Wars, otherwise known as “Star Wars IV: A New Hope”.  It’s probably not the best of many things but it was the first of its kind – a widely accepted, fantasy/science-fiction movie that would inspire many people for decades. 

Note I have purchased a copy of ONLY the original 3 movies of the original trilogy under Lucas Films.  I didn’t really care much for the prequels.  I definitely don’t care much about Disney’s Star Wars except maybe for the Mandalorian.

Watch the movie and enjoyed it as much as the day I watched it in the theatres in 1977.  The movie has everything – the growing hero, the wise mentor, the rogue, the spunky princess, the furry heavy, space wizards, space NAZIs, and a good dog fight scene.

The story is simple.  An orphaned boy living an isolated life on a backwards planet comes into possession 2 robots bought from scavengers.  The boy comes to find out that the robots possess designs of a weapon that a totalitarian empire is building to increase their hold on the federation of planets he calls home in a galaxy far, far away.  Furthermore, the sender of the robots is part of a network of rebels opposing the empire.  In the message attached to the secret plans of villain super weapon, the sender of the message pleads for the past allegiances with one Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Suspecting the sender of the robots and the plea for help might be referring to an old hermit who goes by “Ben” Kenobi he sets out on a life changing adventure to reunite the robots to a Kenobi and perhaps save a princess and then the galaxy.

This was a fun stroll and am glad this one is on the shelf with the 2 other sequels I recognize from the original trilogy.

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