REWATCHED – Voyagers!: Pilot

Voyagers! was the first show of my childhood that I really got interested in time travel.  Not that I believe we can go back into the past to change our present – to undo the things we regret doing because some how the pain of being in the current reality is enough to warrant someone to fight the laws of physics.  Voyagers! of course goes against all this and sets in this world that history has a correct course.  Voyagers are guardians of the established timeline.  They wander the time continuum, spotting where time has gone “off course” and giving a hand into correcting the current path they happen to randomly fall into.  Don’t think past this and the story that they’ve written into this world is quite entertaining.  Jon-Erik Hexem plays one of these Voyagers who in the pilot accidentally pulls 12 year old orphan Jeffery (played by Meeno Peluce) into an adventure across time.   Though the show is very family oriented having a very conservative outlook on maintaining an established reality the adventures are fun and the characters where very good at drawing you into the 45 minute adventure every week maybe inciting some interest to usual suspects in general world history.  The show though only lasting 2 seasons had manage to have a satisfying last 2-part episode that kept me imagining more adventures beyond the series.  OK maybe for at least a couple of weeks before discovering more 80’s episodic gems.



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