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gaming old school RPG RTS simulation


I played this when I was in university and thanks to GOG I am able to play this today. It’s probably my first RTS game. You’re a company boss flying high above in your dirigible controlling your team of cyber-enhanced agents through hits, personnel acquisitions, and securing locations of enemy presence. As you complete missions …

FPS gaming old school RPG

System Shock 2

With a Kickstarter backed remake of its predecessor near release this year, I thought I’d at least play the sequel while waiting. Before GLaDOS and way after HAL there was Shodan. Another insane sentient computer logically reasoning that she was destined to be a god and humans are irrelevant. In any case you (as the …

adventure gaming old school


Been looking at games that got me into gaming. The original Myst was not really 3D. It was 3D without the real 3D motion. The game played on rails but despite how linear the game may seem you can literally hack the box at the entry way and finish the game in 5 minutes. But …