The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter was a science fiction movie that came out in what seemed like a dry spell of science fiction movies that was not horror or too "hardcore" to be just plain fun. It is a diamond in the rough story of Alex Rogan - small town guy with big dreams, a girlfriend, but no where of a future to go and make his break. He lives in a trailer park that he and his mother maintains and spends his free time playing the one arcade video game at the trailer park community building called "Starfighter".

All seems pointless and bleak when his one hope to get a scholarship, pursue a degree, and make it big enough to leave his small town is dashed by a rejection letter. Disappointed, Alex falls into a funk, fights with his girlfriend, and finds himself later that night back at 'Starfighter'. Determined not to suffer another 'loss' today he beats the video game to a small crowd of neighbors.

Little does Alex know that upon winning 'Starfighter' he had drawn the interest of one non-terrestial recruiter for an interplanetary space squadron of starfighter pilots who had been using the video game 'Starfighter' as recruiting tool. This alien recruiter, Centauri, initally abducts Alex and flies him in his space car to the head quarters of the Rylan Star League hoping the thrill of being at the center of the interstellar war would push him into applying his twitch skills towards defeating the enemy fleets of the Kodan Empire.

Of course it does not. He instead freaks out and demands to be returned back to his no where life. Meanwhile back at his trailer park Centauri has had Alex replaced by look-a-like android of Alex himself to decoy away any possible attempts at killing his progenitor's life. The decoy plan does work drawing out a hired alien assassin sent by the Kodan. Alex and his double manage to thwart the assassin but not before the double sacrifices itself to put a final end to the attempt.

Realizing that Kodan will never stop their march towards supremacy Alex finally decides to bring his fight to the story's climax.

The Last Starfighter is a classic science fiction film that holds a special place in the hearts of many geeks and sci-fi fans. Directed by Nick Castle and released in 1984, the film tells the story of a young man named Alex Rogan who lives in a trailer park and spends his free time playing a video game called “Starfighter”.

The film was notable for its use of early computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create the space battle sequences. It was also one of the first movies to use motion capture for the animation of the alien characters. The CGI may not hold up to today’s standards, but at the time, it was groundbreaking and helped set the stage for the development of computer-generated effects in movies.

The film’s protagonist Alex Rogan, played by Lance Guest, is a relatable and likable character, and his journey from small-town trailer park kid to space hero is an enjoyable one. The performance of Robert Preston, who played the alien Centauri, is also noteworthy, as he brings a sense of warmth and charm to his character.

The movie received mixed reviews upon its release but has since gained a cult following. It’s a movie that has stood the test of time and continues to be enjoyed by sci-fi fans of all ages. It was followed by a standalone video game and a novelization, adding to the movie’s legacy.

If you are a fan of science fiction, nostalgia or just looking for a fun and exciting movie, then The Last Starfighter is a must-watch. With its memorable characters, thrilling action sequences and groundbreaking special effects, it’s a film that still holds up today and will continue to be a favorite among sci-fi enthusiasts for years to come.